Monday, May 31, 2010

spring flowers

I love watching the flowers grow...I have been having trouble with my blood pressure being too low this last week, I fainted once and fell down the stairs. Now my headache is worse, so I am trying to stay positive and enjoy the "flowers"..... :)

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  1. The flower pictures are beautiful, you falling down the stairs, not so much. Is it the increase the has brought on this new comlication? I am sorry we have not been able to get together of late but this kitchen reno has been an all consuming event and made even more of a challange with all the rain. I have done very little work in my yard and hope I will get some plants in soon taps. Between painting, hair appointments, doctors checkup and yard work I barely have time to nap! I have to paint early in the week as my cabinets should be going in by the end of the week. Will have to take a quick trip down to Regina to pick up my sink and taps on the weekend. I am ready for this to be over soon. Hope the fainting and headache straightened themselves soon. XX00