Wednesday, March 31, 2010

waking up to a beautiful day!!

I have said this to myself many times, to Mom a number of times, and to friends a few times,....but I want to tell my readers today because I feel like yelling it to the sky-"IT IS SOOO FABULOUS TO WAKE UP WITH OUT A HEADACHE!!!!"
I am still ending up with a headache throughout the day with the same triggers that used to worsen the headache and muscle spasm, but the point is, I have many mornings that I am waking up without a headache. There are no words to describe how wonderful that is, just as there were no words to describe how aweful it was to wake with a skullbuster every morning.
It is good to be thankful-and I am thankful. I hope that everyone is having a wonderful day!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

some things are amazing to me

I was really sick this weekend with sinusitis and bronchitis, my fever was 40.1. I felt aweful, but as soon as the antibiotics kicked in I was good to go..even with all of the irritation to my neck muscles with the coughing...I still feel better than I have in 5 years. WOW! I am so thankful for the idea from Dr. Gosh in India with the meds.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

peppermint Bow!!!

Jessica discovered that not only does Bow love peppermints, but he chews them!!

I am still excited about spring

.....between yesterday morning and this morning I have come down with a nasty head cold. Samuel and Jessica have it as well. Then this morning we wake up to a spring snowfall with a fairly nasty wind....but it takes alot more than that to get me feeling less than fabulous.....because my headache is still less, although it did threaten to get worse this morning as my neck muscles really do not like to brush the snow off of the car!!!! Then I left my cell phone in my spring jacket that I have been wearing...then I stopped at Staples to do some photo-copying...then I locked my keys in the car (since it has been so nice I took my extra set out of my purse, lol)....then while I was waiting for a ride I reeeally had to go to the bathroom, but the water was turned off in Staples because of some some water line work, and therefore the bathroom was locked and out of service.
If you asked me how I am...I would still say FABULOUS, because life is nice with less pain

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

spring has sprung

...and maybe I have as well. It seems really timely to me that this is when I am feeling better. Today is the 6th day in a row that I have been feeling "well". I had five tougher days last week after the four good ones. I feel stronger and am tolerating basic activities of daily living much better, what a concept...what a wonderful thing. It is really hard to describe how difficult it has been to go through each day with muscle spasm surrounding my neck and shoulders...not to mention the constant headache as well. I know there are other people that can relate, I am just speaking from my own experience. I am hoping that this stays, and can not wait to get to the strengthening stage. With my headache much less, I can think clearer and have way more energy. My neck muscles remain tight but are not in spasm, unless triggered, then they will still spasm. My left shoulder (trap) muscle is softening as well.
I was to see my neurosurgeon here in Saskatoon last week, and he says that if either I can not tolerate the drugs, or when I try to go off of the drugs....the c-2 nerve can be permanently cut. This information was like another door opening to me and I felt very happy about that.
Today..when I saw my chiropractor he noticed quite a difference in my posture, and of my elation.
Last year...I went scrapbooking on Monday evenings for a little while with two friends. I always needed to take extra narcotics to get through the evening, but really needed to get out-and I also really wanted to make Mom something special for her 65th birthday. Jessica came with me a few times and she really liked it as well. She made herself an awesome scrapbook of our trip to Florida and the Bahamas four years ago. Jessica and I have been planning our next project and are looking forward to scrapbooking in the eve again, hopefully with the same friends.
Last week I bought myself a world cup soccer ball, I chose the Netherlands, because it is orange!! Samuel and Jessica can use it of course, but maybe-I can play pass with them outside this year!! The little dreams(which are actually quite big to me) are important as well.

I hope that anyone reading is dreaming!!!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

spring morning

I have had a couple of days tougher than my four good days last week. So...when I woke up feeling better this morning I felt thankful again. At 0600 this is what I saw when I was outside with Bow.....

...what a beautiful sky we enjoy

and look at this handsome boy!!!  :)

funny moments

as I am reminiscing the trip I am going through the photo booth pictures that I took on the plane to distract us....and I just can't stop laughing. These pictures are when I had selected the option to take 4 photos sequentially.

then i did it again...and it was just as funny

we are both good at making the best of things...and together we did great on the trip...I am really missing her right now!!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

random thoughts

Pain is something that is experienced by almost everyone in one way or the other & yet people fail to recognize it when it has not touched them. Compassion is such a rare commodity. We can’t face every adversity to know how terrible an experience it could be. 

Sometimes we know what we need, but don't know how to obtain it, can not obtain it, are afraid to ask for it, or don't know how how to ask for it..hmmm......then what??

Monday, March 15, 2010

shaky days....

Well..I have to say for discussion sake that even though I am having trouble still with the low blood pressure, dizziness and fatigue or lethargy-that the brake from the skull buster is unbelievably wonderful. I have been kept up 3 partial nights with my headache, but it still has not been as intense-not even close. (If you are reading this-Patti,....yes-I am doing my usual minimizing)
Anyway, I see it all as progress that was not happening before!! I did my typical thing and was enjoying the little energy spurt that I had last week, and overdid it...resulting in an increase in headache and the muscles became more irritable...and I was exhausted....but I did enjoy my days!!! I have trouble with "caution"-when I finally feel some wellness. I will figure out a balance as I go..maybe!!
My regular pharmacists have been wonderful at discussing the new drugs with me, so that is helpful. I am interested in seeing Dr. Sadanand this week, as well as my GP. I am curious as to what they will have to say about the end result of the India trip.
My mind is doing it's thing and creating ideas of what I can do to combine my learned knowledge from this injury and lengthy recovery, with my education. I have lots of ideas, but am open to suggestions if any of you have any. I realize I am ahead of myself again-but it's the dreaming that keeps me looking forward.
Once again...I hope all is well with anyone reading and looking forward to hearing from you...take care.

I just wanted to share this pic of two great guys!!


Friday, March 12, 2010

I bought myself some jeans

I have lived mostly in sweats the last four I bought myself two pairs of jeans...just spur of the moment. It feels great to have jeans on...isn't that silly. Four good days, and I am feeling silly. Although today the dizziness and hypotension(low Blood pressure) was a little worse, it still feels better than a blasting constant headache.
I did a funny thing this morning...Judee and I made plans for coffee, at City Perk. She was very specific that it was for Friday the 19th, but I was sooo excited about it, that I put jewellery on, and lipstick, and went today. When she didn't show up I checked our notes and realized I had the wrong day. I just stayed and enjoyed my cappuccino, and did some work with my pics. I had brought my laptop to show Judee the pics from India. I had a nice time, and told them to reserve the same table for next Friday the 19th!!!  
So,...cheers to another good day!!! Hope all of you are having a great day!!!

Thursday, March 11, 2010


I am bursting at the seams to share that..I am on my third grrrreat day!!!! I am hoping that it will last...pretty sure it will. My headache is waay less, the muscle spasm is greatly reduced. The superficial muscles are much softer, just the deeper muscles remain quite, so much improvement. I am enjoying this so much that the dizziness, hypotension and tachycardia seem minor. whooohooo...cheers for that!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I think that I have my blog fixed.....IT WAS THE #@##*%$
Sorry about that everyone!

Saturday, March 6, 2010


....well long journey again!!! This time the journey took us home. Both Mom and I were glad to be home, and everyone was glad to see us. Although I do have to add that I have mixed feelings as I have expressed before, because I had a dream. The dream was of course to come home somewhat better. I believe in dreams-it is important to dream, it is also important to accept and move on. Create new dreams...carry on, and....PERSEVERE

Wednesday, March 3, 2010


I needed one more picture of Mom and I, because I of course am working on my iphoto scrapbook already. So this is the picture that we ended up with-the quote that I put with it was  "our laughter journeyed with us  on this adventure". It really got us through the tough times!!! I just thought that I would share that with such loyal thoughtful followers.

I needed to blog one more time before we

Aunti Dora...if you are reading is 7:23 PM, and we are being picked up at 10:15...I have not packed yet!!!!

I am not ready to leave, because I do not feel better...and I wanted to return home feeling better

bear with me, as I hesitate



Every morning Mom and I would have our breakfast in the same restaurant in the hotel. There was always a fabulous buffet, which we enjoyed very much. Each morning the staff would remember us more, and automatically bring us cappuccino for me, black for me. Soon they were making a plain omelette for Mom, poached egg for Mom. With cheery greetings and special service each day we have gotten quite attached to them. So, yesterday I wanted pictures with each of them-they were thrilled, and flattered.

This is "Eli",...for short because she said it would be hard for us to pronounce her whole name...LOL

These are the four cooks-left:master chef-next two: the ones who remembered our eggs

This is the restaurant manager-Ravi G...when we walked in this morning he said that this was a sad day for him because we were leaving tonight, telling us it has been such a pleasure having us.

...and this gentleman was the one usually bringing our coffees etc. He is such a sweetheart and told both of us that he will never forget us. He also asked us to please remember him and come back again,... very sincerely.  

This is Roop Chadda...the director of operations at the hotel
a very personal gentleman, who made us feel very welcome and was very informative as to how to get around, hiring hotel cars etc. He asked us to call him anytime, and said to keep in touch once we were home. :)  

 Eli gave me a gift of beautiful glass colorful bangles (24), and they served us this cake.

...not only was the gesture incredibly touching, it was delicious!!! :)

Tuesday, March 2, 2010


I have not been up to adding a post for a couple of days...and I do have some great pics to add. I will do that on another post. As the India part of my adventure is nearing the end...I am feeling quite sad right now.  I was really hoping to come home with a significant improvement. Although I left home with an open mind, I was still hoping for the best. Who knows maybe the medications will still work, but I am having a great deal of trouble with dizziness right now. And, no change in the headaches. It will take awhile for them to settle the nerves, if they will. Therefore, as much as I miss Samuel, Jessica and everyone else at home...I am not ready to leave. I am supposed to be seeing Dr. Siddhartha Ghosh (the neurosurgeon) today, so we will see what he has to say. Keep thinking those happy thoughts for me...they always make their way to me. Thank you!!  
     love me