Saturday, February 27, 2010


I did not sleep well last night, so we decided we would have a day of just resting. 

we went to the terrace, while our room was being cleaned.
otherwise we just hung out in the room, enjoying each other's company.

Now...I have been up since 0400 with my headache so I thought 
this would be a good way to pass the time

I continue to's the dream that keeps me going


The same driver that took us to the beach yesterday, took us for a drive down East Coast road. This road follows along the ocean and alot for us to see. There was some open space which was a welcome sight, and some smaller villages. There was some construction, as well as some large new buildings which were mostly IT businesses. Of course there were many cows along the side of the road as well...LOL.

this picture is out the car window, the Bay of Bengal-of the Indian Ocean is right there

on to:

Our first stop was fun. They breed crocodiles, turtles and snakes here.

That is alot of crocodiles!!!! 430 actually

Mugger or marsh crocodile


gharial and indian flapshell turtle meet

these 2 pics are of small roofed turtles

the above turtle is the indian flapshell in an aquarium

this big fella is an Aldabra Giant Tortoise-they are found only off the east coast of Africa
they can have a shell as long as 5 feet long and weigh as much as 225kg

I have not looked these two birds up yet, but we liked them of course

..and here we are

The next stop was Mahabalipuram, where the Mahabalipuram shore temple is

this view is over to the left of the shore temple

these rock carvings were the perimeter 

this beautiful swing was just outside the store by the shore temple

these carvings were made in one rock, at a different site

just on the other side of this dirt, there were ladies picking prawns out of the water with their hands!!

The mahabalipuram light house was built in 1900, is 26m high and it's light shines 24 nautical miles

That is the end of the pics for the day, and although we enjoyed our trip, that was the end of me.

Thursday, February 25, 2010


Yasmeen told me to talk to the director of operations at our hotel to arrange any outings we wanted to go on, so today we met with him. He asked us our story then arranged a connection with the guest relations manager. She arranged a driver for us and explained to him about my neck, and told him that we would like to go to Spencer Plaza. While we were driving he explained to us that he would not like to take us to Spencer Plaza, as it is very busy with many, many people, and that would not be good for me. He then took us to a quaint little shop that was not packed with people but amazingly beautiful handcrafted everything. There was antique handcrafted pieces that had been restored, ornaments, boxes, and furniture. There was also all of the same-new. Then there was a separate room full of gorgeous jewellery, which I had a great time trying on many rings. I had to drag myself out of that room. Next we went upstairs to find unbelievable amounts of handmade linens, scarfs, rugs, purses, and wallhangings. They brought us a very good cup of safron tea with cinnamon, and rosehip. It was fun. The owner was very personable and showed us around explaining. He even pulled out family pictures of the rug making, of a particular that we liked. The next stop was the Santhome Cathedral Basilica. St. Thomas, one of the twelve apostles was buried there. The Basilica is built over his tomb.

Our next stop was Marina Beach

this beach was shockingly big...I guess it is one of the largest in the world

Our afternoon was enjoyable...Mr. Guneesh our driver was so careful driving that we really enjoyed the trip!!!  :)


                     This restaurant was beautiful, with a fabulous view, and during our meal-fireworks were        
     going off in the distance. We will always remember this meal!

during the meal there were fireworks going off in the distance

excuse the expression on my face...but my headache was....#@#

our room at the Residency Towers